Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mom and Dad?

Already? She's only THREE! But here she is, Hey, dad.. can you read this for me?
Mom, can you play hide and seek with me?
Now, she does still refer to us as momma, mommy, daddy too.. but she's slipping in this mom and dad thing more and more! WE HATE IT! I want many more years of being momma.. mom sounds so serious - it doesn't fit me!! And the word daddy, well I just adore her calling Shaun that.. even more since I never had a 'daddy' .. it's one of those things you miss out on when your parents divorce young and you don't see your dad again until you're older.

A friend turned me on to a group of books about ages of children.. I have one on hold at the libary.. it's called "Your 3 year old, Friend or Enemy?" haha I love that title.. it's very true, I'm not sure if she's friend or enemy, she changes so quickly.. I'm glad that Shaun and I are finding the humor in our 'new' girl.. mostly... mostly! ;)


Michelle R said...

I hated loosing mama and daddy :( so sad!
I just adore "Little Miss Gwen" who is "no" years old ;) LOL!

Melissa said...

Oh no!!! Not already! Hehe!

Heather E said...

I remember when Emma went through that stage and I thought the EXACT same thing! I wasn't ready to give up mama or mommy. Thankfully it only lasted a few months!

k@lakly said...

They're still so little and yet they see themselves as so big. I love the three's:)

Michelle S said...

that's too funny. I remember at Rochelle's party, Gwen gave Shaun this "look" and I asked what was that? he said that was her, well, I won't repeat it, but it was not a good look. so, I said, great, is that what I have to look forward to with Merry? I told Jon, and he said, yup, that's when daddy tell's Will "we're going fishing, let's leave mommy and sister alone!" haha