Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gwen's hospital day. April 9, 2010

Last month Gwen scared the crap out of me.  We were sleeping peacefully and all of a sudden, I am woken up by Gwen shaking next to me.  I picked her up, and she had a vacant expression, and was just twitching.  I called 911, with no idea what was happening.  It didn't even really dawn on me that she was having a seizure!  I just kept thinking I was losing her, and that I couldn't handle losing another one of my babies!  After spending the day in the hospital, running some test, we finally went home.  We followed up with a neurologist that two different people recommended and decided to take the 'wait and see' approach that he suggested.  So far, Gwen has been completely normal and no other seizures.  Sometimes though, when we're sleeping, she twitches and I think OH NO!  She't going to have another one!   At least if it were to happen again, I probably wouldn't freak out as much, since I'm more aware of what's happening.
So, I wrote this over a week ago, but wanted to add some pics.. and I just now uploaded them, so here you go! 
Gwen was so tired the whole day.. 
So worried about my baby girl!  :(

Daddy was sad too!
Gwen getting her EEG done.. while watching TV

She was SOOO hungry and finally got to eat after the EEG was done! 

Monday, May 10, 2010

One Year ago..

We planted Dresden's apple tree, it had been 8 months since his birth, and we wanted to have a living memorial to our sweet baby boy.  One year ago.. May 9th..  and guess what?!  The tree is still ALIVE!  It's beautiful too..  I feel a bit strange to tell you all this, but there were days, that I just wanted to lay down next to this tree, and smell its sweet aroma and just BE with my boy.

This was taken March 9th, Gwen's fish friend died, and she wanted to bury him under Dresden's tree.

April 11th, look at that pretty bud. :)

April 23rd, blossoming 

April 30, all 3 of my babes- makes a momma's heart happy! 

The blossoms are gone now, and the tree is just green.  No more lovely smell every time I walk by.. no more bumble bees and butterflies doing their magic work.  Just Dresden's tree, quietly waiting for apple time!  Just like I was two years ago.. waiting for apple time, so I could kiss my sweet little boy.