Monday, January 5, 2009

blood results

I called for my lab results from a few weeks ago today. They said that my homocysteine level is 8 (normal is 5-15) So, well within normal range... it looks like I am not at any increased risk for blood clots. So that is good news! The nurse is passing on the info to the doctor who ordered the tests, so who knows, maybe she'll call with more info? I found this informative website about MTHFR - which I tested heterozygous for, and why they wanted to get a fasting homocysteine level. This doctor says that the important thing is the homocysteine levels being within the normal range, since almost HALF of the population is heterozygous (isn't that a funny word?) it's really no big deal. Also the fact that the doctor wasn't even going to test my blood until another doctor suggested that she did, because it's hard to swallow a seemingly perfect pregnancy, baby, placenta and cord with no cause of death! She said that usually women with clotting disorders have small babies too, and Dresden was certainly not small at 8lb 10z! I'm glad they tested though, I'll take any test to ease even a small portion of my mind!

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