Tuesday, January 27, 2009

7 weeks

Keep in mind that the 7 weeks is from your last menstrual period (which for me is a lie.. because my last one was November 21st.. BUT I just go 2 weeks before ovulation to get me the lmp date - hooray for long cycles!) I'm actually 5 weeks pregnant from CONCEPTION... it's all very confusing, which is why docs and the pregnancy calendars go by your last period, since ovulation can vary. That's why I chart my temps, so I know for sure when conception occurs. blahbitty blah! So, I'm either 7/40 weeks OR 5/38 weeks.. I use the 7 because that's what pretty much everyone else uses, so it seems less confusing. And now i'm sure i've made this way more confusing for everyone reading, so I'll just stop! :)
Okay.. I've been having some symptoms of a little life force growing inside. Symptoms make me feel good.. like I didn't imagine the 8 double lines on those pregnancy tests weeks ago! I've always liked my symptoms.. most of what I've read is that symptoms are a good sign of a 'sticky' pregnancy.
*I've been tired.. even napping!
*I've been nauseous and puked a few times.
*the 'nummies' are preparing to feed a baby! ;)
*oh, and I'm freakin' LAZY! AHHH I can't motivate myself to do ANYTHING (well, I did start crocheting another hat, but that's kind of lazy work too)! I hate that symptom.. I want to wake up all energized and get to cleaning and organizing.. but I... just.. can't! I'll keep trying though.
I think that's it. I'm still feeling pretty optimistic, with a touch of realism about this pregnancy. I think keeping the realistic thoughts are important.. I'm trying to not be a pessimist, but a realist isn't so bad. I'll admit, it's a hard place to be in at times. Overall I'm enjoying this while I have it. I did have a moment of pissiness when I thought, damn it! I have to start this all over again.. to get the same thing I should already have - a baby! AND it's not like getting said baby, makes everything all better. I will still grieve for Dresden, he'll always be missing.. no matter how many more children we have, one will always be missing. It just SUCKS!


k@lakly said...

Anyway you count it, everyday gets you closer to the 'right' ending (or beginning:))
Enjoy the times you're feeling positive, savor them, they will help when the negative stuff tries to crowd its way in.

Birdies Mama said...


Dearest mama, I am so sorry that your sweet Dresden is not with you in the flesh today, right now. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, thank you for not losing hope. It is for women like you, family like yours that I wrote through the darkest depths of my grief and pain after Birdie died. Saying we "lost" her always sounds off to me, but that it just how we all put it. We didn't "lose" our babies, they didn't go in a closet and then we couldn't find them. Our sweet babies died. I just wanted to write you to tell you that it made my heart skip when I read your comment. I also wanted to extend my support and friendship. You can contact me whenever you want or need support.

Deepest Sympathies,

Heather E said...

I think it is amazing that you are positive enough to "enjoy" the first trimester (hopefully) feelings of nausea and fatigue. We are praying for all of you and that little peanut in your belly to be strong and healthy. Emma asks often about your baby and what size the baby is now..this started when I took a small noodle and let the kids hold it telling them that was the current size of the baby. Hugs and Kisses from Kansas!!!

Heather E said...

Ahhhhhh....what I meant by hopefully is that I hope it is ONLY first trimester symptoms and that you get that boost of energy that can come with the second trimester.

Beth Skog said...

I feel like you are catching up to me..lol..I am getting to that dragging point of pregnancy!! Its funny...By the doctors wheel I have only 6 more weeks to go...But by conception I have 8 weeks...I like to think I only have 6, but I know my body and that's why I just keep the conception due date so when those last two weeks come its not feeling like FOREVER!!