Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dreams from Dresden's journal

I read Dresden's journal from time to time.. I've noticed quite a few bad dreams I had during my pregnancy with him. I'd like to share them here. I'll write exactly what was in my journal.

So, I had a horrible dream last night. We went on vacation and I had some brown spotting with little leaves in it (3-4 months pregnant) I went to the hospital and they did a c-section. I held our baby boy while he was still attached and he was so beautiful. The doctor said, ah, I see the problem! his mouth is not what we'd call normal (it looked normal to me) and his ears are not normal either (also looked normal to me) So, I let Shaun hold him and just cried and cried because I knew when they cut the cord he would die, because he was too young to survive on his own. It was so horribly sad :(

I had a dream last night that I had an ultrasound and the baby was there with a heartbeat! That was really nice after the last dream I had!

I had a strange somewhat horrible dream! I had a miscarriage and I noticed a clot in the tub, pulled it out and it was a tiny baby in a sac. I took it to show Shaun and it was bigger (two hands size)so I was holding it and "he" was alive and very beautiful!! Shaun put pajamas and a diaper on him and I said, OH! Since you put a diaper on, is it a boy? Shaun said he couldn't tell yet. Then I told him to call the doctor because I thought the baby could live (even though is was so early to be born) Shaun said he thought there would be too many issues and didn't' want to call. That's why the dream was more strange to me. It wasn't really scary or sad, because the baby was alive.

I had a dream that I had some spotting and then tried to find the babes heartbeat but couldn't. :( Luckily I do NOT have prophetic dreams and when I busted out the doppler (after a dream like that it's a must!) found the heartbeat and was happy! :)

So there they are.. I don't remember having dreams like that with Gwen. I haven't had any baby dreams at all so far with this one. If I do, I sure hope they aren't the bad ones!


k@lakly said...

mateYou know I had a dream when I was pg with Caleb that he died, and on a certain level in my head, I knew it was going to come true. And it did.
I think many of us here had them or had 'feelings' that something was going to go wrong. And we were helpless to stop it.
I hope the dreams for you are only positive this time or that they remain silent. It's enough to just get through we don't need our subconscious torturing us too.

Michelle R said...

wow Shannon, that was very intensive to read...
thank you for sharing.

p.s. I've been coming to your site way to often to listen to the Dar Williams songs ;) See you soon!