Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life with 3 year old..

me to Gwen: Honey is so good (Gwen has been digging honey lately, wanting it on her finger all the time!)
Gwen: NO!!! - very angry face.. how could I suggest that honey is good!?!
me: Did you have fun sledding today??
Gwen: NO!!! - very angry face.. how dare you suggest that my laughter indicated having a good time?!!?!
me: Do you love momma?
Gwen: NO!!! - very angry face.. me? love the woman who gave me life!!?! HA!
me: Little Einsteins is the best show! (she LOVES it!)
Gwen: NO!!! - very angry face.. that shows for losers!!?!

So, this is life with a 3 year old.. they disagree, JUST BECAUSE they have that power... oh fun days ahead! All she says is NO... the rest are just things I assume she's thinking! haha How long does this stage go on for?? I actually missed out on the usual stage of just talking tots, when they say no about everything.. she skipped that, and I was so happy! But here we are... making up for lost No's, I guess. I find it all rather amusing, actually. :)


Melissa said...

Hehe! That's so funny. She's making up for lost time with the "nos"!

Heather E said...

Welcome to the terrible three's which is worse than the terrible two's.

Michelle S said...

too funny! Will says no all the time too! Has been going on for a few months now.
Me: Be quiet, go to sleep (whispered)
Will: (also whispered) no...
Me: Okay fine, then stay awake!
Will: (much louder) No!!
Me: you can't do both can you? you have to choose!
Will: (vehemently) NO!!
falls asleep 2 minutes later :)
God help me when he turns 2 in a couple of weeks!