Tuesday, January 13, 2009

5 weeks pregnant

Well, another week has passed. I think I'm still pregnant.. it's always weird this early on, because it's not like you really have any clue whats going on inside that uterus of yours! I sure wish there was a window to the uterus.. how wonderful would that be!? OH LOOK.. the beans heart started beating - YAY! Or.. oh no, something is wrong with the baby.. better get to the doc! Ah, we all want what we can't have.. but seriously a perfect design would have included a see through belly for us crazed momma's! I've got some symptoms, nothing crazy - lots of spit today, sensitivity to smells.. a bit of nausea, but no throwing up. Typical 5 week symptoms, I guess. I made my first appointments today. A doctor in Canton at a U of M clinic.. I have to wait like 5 more weeks for that appt! I have a phone appt with the nurse in a couple of weeks.. I asked the nurse if the doc would do an ultrasound on that first appt (February 20th - ironically the SAME day as my first appt with Dresden, the first time I got to see his cute little alien body!) SO CUTE----------------------------------------------------------->>
I'm actually amazed at how calm I am about this pregnancy. The journals of my 2 other pregnancies in the early days, I'm always paranoid.. I thought this one would be WORSE.. but so far, it's better! I'm not saying I have no paranoid feelings.. but they aren't as strong. I KNOW I can handle anything, maybe that adds to my comfort? I can't promise to feel this way 6 months from now.. but for this moment, it feels pretty good! BUT as you can see from the above picture.. I AM obsessed with pregnancy tests.. but I haven't taken one since 1/6- so it's been a while.. I kind of want to take another one just to make sure it's still got two lines.. buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, I'm trying to control my urges.. otherwise, I'll end up in peestick anonymous... Hello, I'm Shannon.. and I like to pee on stuff! HI SHANNON! haha Well, that's all the blabbin' I've got for now.. peace out!


Michelle R said...

You are doing great Shannon!

Heather E said...

You definitely have two lines there. However, if you want to take another test...pee away I say! We are looking forward to the ultrasound of the newest little one!