Monday, April 27, 2009

20 Weeks

Well, the baby is really moving up a storm now.. I don't have a routine about her movements.. well, I actually never had a routine with the other two either, I wouldn't call Gwen or Dresden major movers.. they were both pretty mellow. This one needs to be a rock star in there and as my friend Jill said.. use momma as a trampoline!! YES!! Please do sweet baby! :) I fully intend on keeping track of this baby's movements daily.. I find that if I don't write things down, they quickly leave my mind.. I want to know that every time I drink a tall glass of lemonade, lay down and 5 minutes later the baby starts doing an irish jig! I NEED that reassurance!
I had a burst of energy over the weekend, but Monday was feeling pretty whooped! As my mom said after I had some weird muscle pain after joining Gwen and Kailey in the giant indoor slide play area.. "you're pregnant, you can't just do all the same stuff and expect to feel the same" (or something along those lines) Which leads me to another point.. my memory! WOW! I can't remember crap! I think it's worse this time than the other two times.. it's like all my brain cells are vanishing.. Shaun says, remember this or that?? ummm no! I can't even remember what I was about to say.. and it always happens just as I was about to make a point! I can't stay up past 10:30 on most days... and whenever we attempt to watch a movie, even if it's really good - I fall asleep.. and I feel like i've been pregnant forever! Good night!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Muddy fun times!

Gwen and I are enjoying this beautiful windy day outside, working in the garden, being barefoot and loving the squishy ground! We ventured to the back to pick dandelion's and on the return Gwen did a tumble in the mud! haha it was so funny! I was kind of far away, so I had to catch up to get a picture of the aftermath! :) Shaun requested me to send it to him, but it's just easier to put it here... then back outside for us! (and to the fruit market!)

Gwen looking to see which tiny basil sprout she wants to eat first.

Got a little dirt with that basil bite!

I like the tree shadows in this pic. :)
We made it to the dandelions!
After the fall!

More fabulous reasons to breastfeed.. as if you needed more! ;)

Woman breastfeeds her father

So cool!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Teen Pregnancy Survey for Ruthie's class

This survey is for my sisters class.. if you wanna help her out, fill this out and either email it to me or copy and paste it as a comment! :)

im going to put 10 questions about teen pregancy and i need you to answer them for me!!!

1.what age do you think is too young for a girl to become pregnant? you think pregnant teenagers need special counseling in school?

3.should they allow condoms dispencer's in the bathrooms in high school's? you think teen age girls that are pregnant should have the choice of keeping the baby or should that choice be made by their parents/ gardian? you think pregnant teenagers should be home schooled?

6.should there be a daycare in high school or colleges? you think pregnant teenagers should still be allowed to play sports?

8.should a pregnant teens doctor visits (check ups) be an excused absent from school?

9.should a teenage expectant father have to get a job or concentrate on graduation? you feel it should be mandatory for pregnant teenagers to be on birth control after they deliver?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

19 weeks
Well, I made it.. this is MY half way point!! I won't have anyone residing in my womb, no matter how warm and cushy it is for more than 38 weeks! SO, here I am.. HALF WAY! :)
Yesterday in the car, Gwen said that she's going to call the baby Liam.. not Dexter anymore. haha (Liam is the boy name we decided on and Dexter was a name we considered for Dresden that Gwen rememebered a couple months ago and started using for all her babies and ours too!). She's getting really excited.. talking to the baby, tickling the baby and kissing the baby! It's amazing how much more aware she is of the pregnancy this time. It's very sweet. :) I have an OB appt on Thursday, should be a pretty boring one - which is exactly how I like it.. I don't want any excitment with this pregnancy.
I'm feeling the baby move more and more every day, which is always nice, but also has started my worries a little. Yesterday I don't think she moved as much as the day before.. should I be concerned? Supposedly the movements don't get into a routine until you're 23-24 weeks, I think? I sure hope I don't turn into a basketcase trying to figure out her movements or lack of.. just move baby move!! (and never stop!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our brand new pond!

Isn't it lovely! Look at the ducks.. they LOVE it here!! :)

Psycho Gwennie

Gwen wanted to fingerpaint.
Be afraid.. be very afraid!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's AAAAAAAAAAA...............

I'm really shocked.. I've gone into each of my ultrasounds fully just KNOWING what kind of baby was inside.. and this time I really thought it was a boy (wishful thinking? perhaps?).. we had a pretty good view of the 'area' and it looks like a pretty good chance that there is a girl in there! :) I feel like i'm holding out for the next ultrasound, like I need a 2nd opinon on the matter! haha
Of course, what the baby is doesn't matter as much as the fact that all her parts look great, she's measuring a little bigger (like 2 days) on some things, a little smaller on the abdomen and everything looks healthy! Our girl weighs in at 8oz!
I'm bummed about the picture selection they gave us. There were a lot of great moments, they had a perfect spine profile shot that included her face.. but nope! They gave us 3 kind of crappy shots.. the doctor thought i had my ultrasound before my last appt and he asked if I wanted a 'copy' of the ultrasound.. I don't know what that means, but hopefully he's going to give me all the pictures or a video or SOMETHING cool! I still have a few study ultrasounds too.. so that gives room for additional snap shots of the babe.
Here is a picture for your enjoyment. :)
oh, and her name will be ....... Delaney Shea Ryan - initials DSR just like her big bro! ;)
The name Delaney \d(e)-la-ney\, also used as girl's name Delaney, is pronounced de-LANE-ee. It is of Irish, Gaelic and Old French origin, and its meaning is "dark challenger or offspring of the challenger; from the elder tree grove". Also possibly related to "swarthy", or a place name referring to the Slaney river.
The name Shea \shea\, also used as girl's name Shea, is pronounced shay. It is of Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "admirable". From Seaghdha. Also possibly "from the fairy fort". Surname occasionally used as a given name or middle name.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Simply adorkable

Gwen was wearing her new bathing suit for most of the day yesterday. We wanted to go to the mall for frozen yogurt, and had to tell her numerous times to get dressed so we could leave! So, she puts on some shorts, a jacket, long socks pulled all the way up to her knees, and a hat! I went to her bedroom to see if she was getting dressed and she stood up with her arms stretched out and said, "LOOK MOMMY! I'm A-DORK-ABLE!" (she meant adorable.. but adorkable fit soooo much better!!) She then went and told daddy the same thing! Here she is in the mall parking lot looking simply adorkable... and she also spilled some water on her leg while in the van (she brought a cup with us, because she was thirsty - yes, we're the crazy parents who let their kid bring a lid free cup in the car! hahhaa!)

18 Weeks

Time is going fast.. I like it! Of course at the same time it seems we were on vacation an ETERNITY ago.. so maybe time isn't really going fast... but some part of my brain is letting me believe that it is! I'll accept it! :) Gwen keeps saying, that she's going to help take care of the baby.. the first time she said that, I asked her what baby? (she's very into her baby dolls now) and she said, the baby in your belly! Awww! This age during pregnancy is so different than her being 2 last year.. she's so much more aware of what a baby in my belly means! She is so ready for her sibling to come home and so are WE! I never thought I'd want a pregnancy to hurry up and be over! I LOOOOOVE being pregnant.. and amazingly I still love growing a baby inside my uterus.. but I STILL can't wait for this little one to BE IN MY ARMS - breathing, crying, screaming.. all day and night! I don't care.. I just want them here! We have an ultrasound on Friday, hopefully we don't have a shy baby and we'll get to see some parts! ;)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Poor Gwennie

While visiting Shaun's parents today, we decided to take Gwen for a wagon ride. (actually it was GRANDMA who thought of it! hahaa) At some point Gwen laid on her belly and was looking at her shadow, when I felt tension while pulling.. not good.. some little girl put her hand into the wheel area and was now screaming in pain! I look at her finger, the nail looks half gone, hoping it's not broken.. I think about passing out, but of course my girl needs me, so I carry her back. I don't feel equipped to handle these kind of things, seeing your child in pain is the most horrible feeling. We were able to get some peroxide on it, then a water rinse and the only thing Gwen was concerned about through her tears was getting a bandage! The Popsicle Grandpa got her was also a help, but you know it's really painful when Gwen cries while eating a Popsicle. :( After we had her bandaged up, she just wanted to snuggle and cry, then said that she wanted to go home. I got her set up with some cartoons and called Shaun.. who sounded like he would cry on the phone! He didn't even have to be there or see her to feel so strongly - SERIOUSLY I have the best husband in the world!! He wanted me to take a picture so he knew she was alright!? haha Like I was holding out details or something! ;) So, here are a couple pictures. The patient is doing well, and doesn't seem to be in any pain. Later tonight or tomorrow, we'll take the bandage off and take a look, trim the nail and all that fun stuff that i"m sure she'll love. I'm not looking forward to it either. :( The joy of being parents.

7 months

I was thinking about not doing Dresden's anniversary this month.. kind of go to 6 months, then maybe 9, then 12.. but it didn't feel right, so here I am. The time is getting close to being the same for the time he spent with our family and the time he's been gone. That's hard. I try not to think about what he would be doing right now. When I watch old video's of Gwen, I feel a deep pain, that Dresden will never do any of those things... heck, even just kissing Gwen's forhead and laughing with her, playing with her bring out those feelings. We've been robbed of a whole lifetime of love and kisses, that's not something that you ever get over. I will always love, miss and need my sweet boy.. even if I have 30 more children, I'll always be missing one, and he is always close to my heart.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More skating... this time with a bunny!

I took Gwen to a preschool skate class today. It was tons of fun! AND she continues to get better and better on wheels... really, I'm more impressed because if you saw Shaun and I on skates.. YIKES!! The easter bunny was there today, so it was a double fun time! Here are some pictures.. AND a video of Gwen skating like a 3 year old pro! haha p.s. you can pause the music at the bottom if you want to listen to the roller rink music in the video! ;) Oh and one more thing about that video.. she's dancing (loves this song from Bambi!) so that's not how she moves her arms when she skates normally. hahhaha

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

We had an egg hunt this past weekend.. it was SO fun! There was lots of mud, candy and of course eggs! We had 184 eggs (and are now missing about 25 of them... so I'm wondering if we're going to be finding eggs outside all summer?) Here are some pictures from the event! Some are mine, and some are Mirak's. :)
Patiently waiting for the festivities to begin!

Gwen finding an egg!

The muddy gang of egg hunters.

The booty! Cool Mirak shot! :)

whole yard shot with cool lens

Shaun teaching the kids how to do a proper dive into the mud!

Roller Skating!!

We took Gwen roller skating last night. I would have never thought to take a 3 year old skating, but my friend Michelle mentioned it and it sounded like fun! Sooo, we did it.. and guess what! We have a little skater on our hands! :) She LOVED it! Shaun and I thought she'd be done within a half hour, but nope.. we were probably there for 1.5 hours.. she got better and better every go around on the rink. She even started skating pretty well by herself on the carpet area. It was hilarious when she tried to copy some dudes dance skate moves by stomping her skates and shaking her head!! We all had loads of fun.. even me with no skates, but it's always fun for a mom to see her kids having a good time, isn't it? :) Here are a few pics! We'll be making this a regular outing! Only 3 bucks per skater including skates!!

17 weeks

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So, I did it... I FIXED my own computer!! Shaun was going to have to reinstall everything.. but I did a little looking on my own and found a solution!! Yeah, this is pretty exciting for someone who lives with a computer guru.. I never have to solve things on my own, so I rarely even try.. but I'm glad I did - and it worked!!! WOOHOO!