Thursday, January 28, 2010

some pics -January 2010

Frankenstein cake taste yummy!!!

Gwen draws our family.. "mommy, Delaney (who grew up), Gwennie and Daddy.. all standing in the snow!"
morning snuggles!
HAPPY!! (and freakin CUTE!!)
sledding with daddy!!
shes so big now.. she even carries her sled back up the hill!
Delaney started solids this month... love at first bite!!!
mmmm!! don't worry, she still eats lots of momma milk!! ;)
Gwen showing off her bo*obs!! hahaa

Thursday, January 7, 2010

some pics and videos

I really do want to post more, I just don't get the chance to much right now. I want to post a few videos and pictures of recent events. Hopefully I'll be doing more post in the near future. For the videos, you will want to pause the blog music! :)

I'll post more of Gwen's 4th bday soon too.. here are a couple of her on the big day!
She wanted a frankenstein cake and witch cupcakes! Next year she says, she want's a Christmas birthday!! haha
Delaney's big smileGwen's first gymnastics class - she loved it!
Delaney laughing :) (please ignore the dumb sounds that I'm making! haha)

Gwen the ballerina.. notice how she's doing different moves than everyone else - esp. the butterfly move at the end. HAHA

Delaney rolling from tummy to back! She did this once at 1 month old, but now she means business.. I think this video was her 4th time in a row!! ;)