Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Well, I just gotta say it... It' JULY!! Our baby will most likely be born next month!! hehe Of course, not unil the very end..but still! :)
I had a bad dream last night.. not that bad, and it surely would never come true, but i still didn't like it! Shaun and I had plans to go to Canada for drinking? and the baby was born, it was Dresden, but also Delaney and we decided to go ahead with our plans and leave Gwen to sleep on the couch and the baby to sleep in the bed. I said as long as we're back within about 2 hours all would be fine, because that's when the baby would wake up to nurse. Well, we went and I drank and passed out - woke up 4 hours later and was frantic that the baby was probably up and crying for 4 HOURS!! I know, a stupid dream.. but when I woke up to pee, I was pretty traumatized by it.
Anyway, I don't think I've ever felt so happy that it was July! I can only imagine the giddiness in our house when August rolls around! hehee
In other randomness.. yesterday felt like Autumn.. it was a really beautiful day! I know, many people don't agree with my idea of beautiful weather! But to me- 65 is perfect!! I even wore a sweater! I've asked Shaun before if he thought Fall would feel like Dresden.. and I found yesterday that it will.. and while it felt a little more sad than normal, I also felt peaceful.


michelle T said...

aw i cant even wait to see her im sure she gonna be very beautiful. well just to let you know me and my mom are talking about coming in around the time u have her so we can see her and meet my wonderful cousin.

Just Breathe said...

The one thing about a bad dream is that it does feel wonderful when you wake up and realize it was a dream.

Peaceful, that's a nice word and feeling. She will be here so soon.
I'm really excited.

Melissa said...

I had a lot of dreams like that when I was pregnant with Kieran...pretty scary. I haven't really had any baby dreams this time...weird.

I'm loving today's weather...pretty perfect!

Beth Skog said...

I SOOOO love fall weather and I loved yesterday! The weather yesterday really made me think about my sister too...Weird dreams...I had tons while I was pregnant with Zavior...Oh, I am getting super excited for you guys!!