Friday, July 31, 2009

non stress test and unrelated stress!

Delaney did fabulous today! Lots of good long accelerations! YAY! She was not being easy at first though, the nurse was having a lot of trouble getting her heart rate. I said that LUCKILY I feel her moving, otherwise I'd be really nervous! The nurse could see her moving too.. but eventually she got it on the monitor and all was good. I only needed to be hooked up for the 20 minute minimum.
After leaving the appointment I needed gas. I stopped off at Meijer and swiped my card.. see attendant is said - grr! so annoying to have to go inside! They swiped it and said, DECLINED! WHA? no way.. so I gave them some cash (which I normally NEVER have) and called the credit card company to say WTF? They tell me that they placed a hold because of some purchases I made yesterday (hmmm Trader Joes for 11 dollars and El Patio for 15? those were the only purchases I MADE yeserday) 738, 434, 34, 1 - at Walmart - one that is about 40 minutes from my house. Shaun and I both have our cards.. so someone is out there making credit cards that you can actually swipe at the store! It seems like no big deal to the credit card folks. They closed the acct, said we aren't liable for the fraudulent charges and will send new cards express. Hopefully it goes as smoothly as it sounds.

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Lachlan's Mum said...

Yay for another great NST! Boo for the credit card theif, but I'm glad they picked up on it right away and that you're not liable.