Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I am so impressed with the hospital appts! Things seem to go so fast and smooth.. I barely sit down in the waiting room before being called back. :) I told the nurse about our bad NST the other day and how I hoped the babe did her buisness today so I wouldn't have to worry. The nurse hooked me up and said, OH, looks like she's having an acelleration right now! YAY! AND she continued to have them for the 20 minutes! She probably had 5 or 6 during that time.. so I felt much better! :) I guess making sure she's awake does the trick. Then she did a really fast ultrasound to check fluid levels (which is a 'modified bpp' when done with the nst) the fluids scored a 10/10 so all is great! While she was doing the scan, I mentioned that I fell last night and is that something I should tell them? She said.. well, yes.. you should have called triage last night and they would have had me come in for 4 HOURS of monitoring! Yikes! I never even thought about a trip to the hospital for that. But she said something about falls or accidents could cause abruption and it would show up in that 4 hour period? So, I guess I'll be keeping that in mind for future falls. My total time from parking lot to leaving was 1 hour.. AND it took forever to park because the place was full! I'm happy for a good appointment... oh and btw, ms. Delaney is back head down again!


Inanna said...

So glad the Little Miss cooperated this time! :)

Lachlan's mum said...

So glad the NST went well and that you and Delaney are ok after your fall.

Heather E said...

Yea!! We are happy that everything went so well and that ya'll are okay.