Thursday, July 30, 2009

3 year olds!

Gwen - daddy, can I watch a movie?
me, listening from the kitchen - NO, it's time for bed!
Gwen - noooo mommy, if I was talking to YOU, I would say, "mommy, can I watch a movie", but I'm talking to daddy.
me - but I said no, it's time for bed. (and I'm the BOSS!)
Gwen - but mommy, I was talking to daddy, remember what I just told you? If I asked you, you would say YES! :) HAHA

The best thing about this exchange is that she wasn't at all bossy with it.. she was just very matter of fact.. like if I say 'daddy' I want HIS answer, not yours! She already knows how to do this, doesn't she?


Michelle S. said...

watch out! the manipulation begins! she is so much more eloquent than Will, but he is starting to play that game as well at 2-1/2, especially with the grandparents vs the parents. He asks for a cookie, big bad mama says no, so he proceeds to yell, MeMe, Bop coooookie! and then MeMe says, no, mama said no...but, Bop says, awww, look at those eyes, here Will, have a cookie.....

Anonymous said...

not only 3 year olds but my 5 year old does this too! LOL

i loved reading your post about your NST. i'm so glad things are going so beautifully. :)

Melissa said...

Ah!!! That is so cute! She sure is growing up!