Friday, July 24, 2009


So, the first NST was not great.. The minimum time you're hooked up is 20 minutes. I believe I was hooked up for 1 hour 20 minutes. A couple of times the baby moved (or I moved) and lost the heartbeat.. then I wasn't able to find it myself and tried calling to the nurses, who didn't hear me.. eventually they came in and worked their magic and got us going again. You're supposed to have 2 accellerated heart rates that last at least 15 seconds each.. Delaney wasn't giving us that.. which I think was partially my fault, since I know that she normally wakes up around 10:30 (and I made the appt for 9:50) after the nurse had me drink some ice water, the babe perked up a bit and started having more accellerations, but none lasting long enough to appease the doc. So, he decided to do a quick scan - Biophysical profile - and saw everything he wanted to see in about 3 minutes. AND.. it appears that this baby, who's been head down since APRIL (and at the ultrasound I had just this past MONDAY) has moved! How in the heck did I not notice a 4.5lb baby doing THAT big of a move?! She is now lying transverse (sideways) with her head on my right side and her back down... well, that would explain the different kind of movements I've been feeling the past few days. If I wasn't already having a c-section, that's a sure fire way to assure you get one! So, hopefully the next NST goes a little better than this one, and she passes it in 20 minutes. I made sure to make the rest of my Friday appts for 11 and later too.. hopefully that helps!


veganinthecountry said...

i'm sorry the test took so long. how nervewracking! i'm so happy that things are looking good. (((hugs)))

Just Breathe said...

I was reading along a getting nervous, I'm glad it was something as simple as her changing positions.

Melissa said...

Aw, Delaney was just sleepy!
That must have been worrisome. So the doc thinks everything is okay??

Chloe goes transverse a lot. I actually find it more comfy for me that way, but she better move head down by Oct!! Hehe!

k@lakly said...

Glad it turned out ok. Hope the next ones are uneventful. I always thought they made me more stressed than less, even when they were ok....but only a few weeks to go!!!

Lachlan's Mum said...

That sounds so stressful :( I'm glad Delaney is doing great, though. I hope the next one is much easier for you.