Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mark your calendars!

This is really for friends and family who are local.. we've got a few events coming up in October that we want to get you all excited about! ;)

October 4th - Metro Detroit Share group remembrance walk - they haven't posted details yet, but this is a local support group (that I haven't actually gone to, but plan on eventually meeting some of the other local families who've experienced a loss like ours) we'd like to get involved with. October is infant loss awareness month, and this walk is in honor of our babies. It'd be great if you can join us!

October 11th - Gwen's 1st annual kids halloween party! I am seriously so excited about this!! I want to make invitations NOW.... I want to pull out Gwen's halloween books, but it's JULY!! But how does one go about having a halloween party without tons of alcohol and na*ked men?!! haha I'll have to put candies in the pinata instead of booze, right?

October 17th - Our annual halloween party.. can't remember what number it is.. 7? 6? Anyway, you know what it's all about...

October 31st - OMG!! I just realized Halloween is on a SATURDAY this year!! YAY!!

Okay, so now I've got my burst of October excitement out.. it's a busy month, esp. once you add in apple orchards, hallowe'en in the village, pumpkin carving with the Moitozo's and Brandon and Ro's (really spooky and dangerous - because they have Coyotes now!) Halloween party! I can barely contain myself!!


Michelle S. said...

too funny and very timing appropriate. I was just thinking to myself this morning, ditz, you didn't write down the party dates Shannon gave you awhile ago, better email her! Now I don't have to! :)

angie said...

Holy cow, I'm glad I'm not the only one psyched for Halloween. I have been asking Bea all week what she wants to be for Halloween. So exciting.

Michelle R said...

I saw that Halloween gleam in your eye today ;)

Melissa said...

Love that picture of Gwen!!

Well, I will be at both parties as long as I'm not in active labor! :)
Fun, fun!!