Sunday, July 5, 2009

Up north

We took a weekend trip to the cabin and had a blasty good time! We got to see fireworks, and a good home town parade, swimming, and just relaxing, we even ate some homemade amish ice cream! MMM! Here are some pics from our trip..
Gwen's favorite item in the cabin? Kitty salt and pepper shakers!
Mio pond (aka leech pond) just before Gwen sat down with her pants on and then swam in her und.ies

The start of our nature hike
wild blueberries that weren't quite ready yet.
the joys of nature!
Gwen just before being stung by... a LADY BUG!

Shaun and Gwen
Gwen with the annual pink elephant shot!
Shaun was trying to get Gwen to jump off the log.
Gwen loves this kind of swing!
Shaun being super cool by jumping off the bar!!
Shaun doing his CHAMPION move, since he beat Gwen in a slide race! hahaha
Gwen with her first sparkler.. and yes, we were freaked out by it and who knows when or if it will happen again!! But at the same time it was really neat! ;)
Swimming at Smith Lake!
Collecting candy from the street during the parade!
Gwen's first parade!! A really great one too! :)


Brandon Mitchell said...

Glad you guys had a blast! It looks so peaceful up there.

Mom said...

The pictures are great. They really create a feeling of the good times had by all. There is just something about going up north that just takes you back to a gentler time.

Michelle R said...

oh, what fun!
love you guys!!

Heather E said...

Great pictures and it looks like ya'll had a wonderful time. The pink elephant was always an amazing site when growing up not only because you don't see elephants in Michigan, but also that meant we were almost to the cabin!! Woo Hoo!!!!

Theresa said...

WOW - me and Uncle Larry were in Mio that weekend too. We went canoeing on Saturday and Smith Lake on Sunday. Really too cool to swim.