Monday, February 23, 2009


So, I've been dealing with insurance/u of m billing issues for almost a year regarding Dresden's 2nd trimester ultrasound! (April 08!!) I've been trying to get this worked out for months. The absolute worst part was getting home from the hospital after having Dresden and for some reason, I checked the mail.. inside was a collection agency letter about part of the ultrasound! (I was being billed for the ultrasound AND the doctor who looked at the ultrasound separately!) So, on top of the grief and shock of our childs death, we get hit with our FIRST EVER (and only) collection agency notice! We were obviously infuriated. Shaun called the place who sent the bill BACK to the hospital... and ever since then (nearly 6 months ago) we have been trying to get things figured out. FINALLY TODAY! I wake up to find an email from Aetna, saying that the ultrasound has been paid. (I'd been sending them messages all last week) AND then an email from one of the midwives, saying this - "It has prompted a discussion between radiology and those of us who order the ultrasounds so that we have more control over the process by changing the requisition forms for ordering the procedures." AND finally a call from the U of M billing people apologizing for how long this has taken, but to be assured that everything is being handled. YAAAAAHOOOOO!!! I seriously was getting ready to just cough up the 700+ bucks, because it was causing me such a great deal of stress... and it'd been going on TOO LONG! I'm so happy that it's finally cleared up.. and that I am no longer part of a collections process! :) ALSO, I'm glad that my issue seems to have prompted some changes within the hospital billing. Now hopefully this doesn't happen THIS time!! But since I'm considered high risk, I should be allowed to have lots more testing that the insurance will have to cover with no complaints!


Melissa said...

Oh finally! I'm so glad it's been all worked out! :)

Heather E said...

I am so sorry that you have had to go through that! It's awful to deal with billing but especially ones dealing with Dresden. I ended up paying for the anestesologists for one of my foot surgeries but not for the other foot even though it was at the same hospital. That went to collections and my old insurance wouldn't pay for it after YEARS of trying to fight it, I ended up paying to get the collectors off my #$%!

Mom said...

I am so glad that this is finally taken care of and that there should be some changes on how everything is handled.