Tuesday, February 10, 2009

60 degrees!! YES!

I love spring.. or, umm well I guess I should say spring type weather.. since we are still quite a ways from spring's official beginning. We spent a good part of the day enjoying the weather outside. We went to the green park in the early afternoon, and heritage park for a walk later, then BACK to the green park, since daddy came home a little early to play with Gwen before dark! :) What an awesome day!! Here are some pictures!

Gwen ponders our day at the park..
I love this pic of her coming out of the tube slide.. even though I cut off the top of her head!
So happy to be swinging!
look at her climb! even with big cloddy boots!


Melissa said...

Soooo cute!!! I love the "pondering" pic..hehe!
Glad you guys had fun.

We enjoyed the weather too. Lots of splashing in puddles! :D We loved it!

Heather E said...

I love the close up on Gwen..it really focuses on her smile which is so cute and genuine. GREAT ARTSTIC shot!!!!!!!

Heather E said...

That jacket and hat looks like a grandma original! :-)

Michelle R said...


Mom said...

Just love the pictures of Gwen. She looks like she was really enjoying the nice weather.