Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh glorious vitamix..

How I love thee! I just made mixed nut butter (with a few cranberries) from our can of snack mix! It came out so yummy!! Why did I do this? Well, I was supposed to go to Trader Joes last week.. it's the ONLY place I buy peanut butter (the natural peanut butter is so easy to spread and it's JUST peanuts! and it's CHEAP!!) and ketchup (I'm in love with the ketchup!!) and I've been dying for some no bake cookies.. you know, the ones with oats and WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR (but healthy, because it's got oats!)!! So, I've got everything, but no peanut butter. ding ding, an idea! Vitamix can make delicious nut butters in just a minute (from the infomercial, no doubt!) with no added crap! Hey, my recipe needed peanut butter, and I NEEDED to make that recipe... so I did it!! It was so easy, and Shaun said, I guess we don't need to buy peanut butter anymore! ;) AND the cookies came out beautifully!! MMM! Going to eat one more! :)


Melissa said...

Some day my dream of owning one will come true!

Those cookies sound great(if it wasn't for my nausea)!!

Heather E said...

That sounds so yummy right now! By the way, Eric loves the music on your blog...he is dancing to it right now. ;-)

Mom said...

Now you just need to find a good supply of nuts to make your various butters. What fun that will be.