Tuesday, February 10, 2009

9 Weeks


Another week closer to the 'prize' although, I must say that I've been feeling some nerves kick in the past few days. I swear I didn't feel as nauseous yesterday and while you may think- GREAT NEWS! I think ... crap... I need my symptoms for proof. Of course we'll have the real proof in 2 days. The ultrasound.. I'm freaky about that too..it's taking place at U of M, and we all know what happened during my last ultrasound there... less than ideal! (ohh ohh, I just got a wave of nausea! From the baby, or because I'm scared!?) I've set myself up for two options for Thursday..
a) a happy alien baby jumping, dancing and flipping all about!! Happy day!
b) a sad empty uterus... which will lead to all kinds of other crap, like ummm WhereTF is the baby? 8 pregnancy tests don't lie! and then the whole starting from scratch thing.. except with no menstural cycles! AHHHHH I bet a bottle or two of wine would get things moving! hhahhaa
I told shaun these fears yesterday and he said.. that's sounding kind of negative.. well, yes I guess it is.. BUT I reminded him that positive thinking does not make a live baby! I am still mostly positive, but I think maybe I'm preparing my mind for the worst. I know that I can not will any baby to live. AND I don't think I'm being negative, I think I'm being a realist ;) You can't have something so horrible happen to you and not be realistic, I think... sooooooo I'll wait til Thursday and hopefully have reason for celebration (with NO wine!)!! :)

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Heather E said...

I, too, am looking forward to your ultrasound on Thursday!!!!