Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Warm" winter days!

Yes, I think 47 is warm! haha So warm infact that we went to the park the last two days! :) Yesterday was warmer than today - 47.. but bitterly windy! We were going to take a walk before the park, but didn't really dress for the weather. See, I'm usually in a hooded sweatshirt, no matter how cold it is (I wear a winter coat if I'm going to be outside for long periods) and yesterday it felt so warm after I finished at the rec center, that I dressed Gwen accordinly.. and because of that, we didn't stay out too long.. maybe a half hour... plus the park was TOTALLY soaked, and Shaun and I in our tennis shoes were no match for the monster puddles! Shaun also got stuck in the tubey slide! haha He says, it's because of the cold sticky conditions! ;) Today was only 43, but the sun was shining and not much wind! So, we went to the 'green' park (that's what Gwen calls it.. the park that we hung out at most after Dresden died (but strangely a comforting place for us) and we played and played for over an hour! Gwen got to stick her feet in the mud! (can't believe I didnt' have a camera!! DOH!!) She fell off the tire swing, played in the 'leaf house' (a little wooden house full of leaves, so Gwen named it the leaf house), Gwen took our order at a drive through window.. Shaun ordered tacos and burritos, but Gwen said we don't have tacos and burritos, we have fries and tomatoes! HAHA So, we ordered that instead.. I complained that the fries were cold, and she didn't know what to do about that! haahaha
So, we had a great day! Next time I'll remember my camera! :)

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Mom and Dad said...

Oh what a fun two days. Now how come did our son get stuck??? It seems like all children give their favorite parks names. What great laughs you have given to us.