Tuesday, December 9, 2008

White Elephant Christmas Party

Over the weekend we had our annual White elephant party! It was a lot of fun as always... opening exciting packages, stealing from friends and of course eating TONS of food! I was pretty weepy before the party.. I think the thought of anything Christmas without my boy, just kind of sucks.. but luckily we have some FABULOUS friends to help us laugh and enjoy the moment! We love you all! Here are a few pictures from the party!
p.s. some people LEFT their white elephant prizes here.. ON PURPOSE! you know who you are.. and so do WE! ;) Do not think this is over!
Love under the mistletoe!
Rob gives Gwen a lesson in table tennis.

Gwen hugging Kieran, one of her boy friends! ;)


Michele was shy about a penis in her box! hehe

It's not a Ryan party without naked men!

If you try to steal our steins (DAVE!) we will CRUSH YOU!! haha

We all waited to find out who would be graced with Orlando Blooms glory! Ang didn't keep him long! A hot commodity indeed.
The birthday girls!! Ah, to be 26 again! ;)

hmmmm looks like someone forgot his candles.. in my bedroom.. strange.....

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Michelle R said...

looks like much fun :)