Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!

Shaun decided that he would stay home from work today, since looking at the news, showed that the snowy conditions made for a really looooooong commute. Today, was actually going to be a "fun" day at work, they had a lunch at a pool hall, so kind of a sucky day to miss work, eh!? But we're happy to have him home until after the New Year (that's my birthday, as Gwen would say!) now!! After lunch we got all bundled up and braved the snowy roads to go sledding! The sledding hill, is close by.. so we carefully traveled there. We didn't realize how blistery cold the wind was, so we let Gwen sled down the opposite hillside to keep the wind off her face! She was so cute in her snowsuit from Aunt Dawn and her value village lands end boots - only 4 bucks!! (that I found yesterday - Shaun thinks it's gross.. but I think it's gross to spend 20 bucks on boots she'll wear for 3 months - not to mention wasteful!!)! ;) Anyway, we had a lot of fun.. spent about an hour, before we were all nice and chilled. Came back home to some hot cocoa and Rudolph! I love snowy days!!

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Melissa said...

Oh how fun!! I so wanted to do that today. I think we'll go sledding tomorrow. Josh worked today and only gets Christmas Day off(no more personal days left) Boohoo! Haha. Glad you guys had a good time! I think I'll make my way oer to a thrift store to find boots for the kiddo's too.