Monday, December 1, 2008

Psychic Gwennie?

The other night I went out shopping with Shaun's mom. Shaun and Gwen hung out at his folks house while we shopped.. Gwen announced that she needed to go open the door for mommy. Shaun decided to 'humor' her and let her out the door to see that we weren't back yet.. what a surprise he got when he saw us at the door, trying to get in! (They locked the screen because when we first left 1.5 hrs before, Gwen went out to look for us! YIKES!!) Anyway, she was right.. we needed the door opened for us! :)
Last night Gwen was talking to Shaun while I was in the kitchen.. I heard parts of the conversation.. mainly that she was talking about Dresden and his stocking. When I returned, Shaun said - did you catch any of what she was saying? Then he told me that she said that "when Dresden gets a new body, he can come home and be with us and see his stocking on the christmas tree!" WHA? This is not something we've talked to her about, and not something we've really talked about at all (though I have thought about it).. I have no idea where she got that idea from!
I guess, I really need to listen with totally open ears when Gwen talks, eh?


Melissa said...

Wow. I think that the very young have a sense that we don't. That maybe most lose as they grow up(yet, some I'm sure keep). Nevin use to say things to me about his "past life" all the time when he was 3! It blew be away.

You've got a special gorl there, Shannon. Though you didn't need me to tell you that ;).

Mom said...

I would say that Gwen comes by this ability naturally as her grandmother and Aunt Dawn have this to varying degrees.