Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm alright..

That is how I answer the age old question.. "How are you?" Usually asked by an unsuspecting checkout person who really doesn't want to know how you are! I can't lie and say I'm good.. so I say alright.. which to me says, I've been better without sounding quite so negative. Today I was at Sam's club.. The cashier asked.. I answered. Usually it stops at that.. but THIS cashier.... whoa.. actually cared? "Not feeling well today?" she asked. I said, no I feel fine.. and she kept on.. so I told her why I'm just alright. I don't pass up any good chance to talk to someone about my son. I have limited ways of sharing him, you know. AND.. she said, I had a daughter, she lived for about an hour. Her words stab me in the chest... oh, how I hate hearing of other babies dying too soon.. I asked her when her baby died.. she said, OH! It's been 20 years now.. you don't forget! Her words are familiar.. One day, I will assure some grief stricken mother that her baby will never be forgotten too, and I will hope that my words bring her some solace.

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Mom said...

It is amazing how many women have gone through what you are going through with losing Dresden. I never realized how many there were. Love and Strength to you always.