Sunday, August 30, 2009


Last night I said something to Shaun about how this will be the last time the 3 of us do this or that.. then I felt wrong for saying it.. I said the same thing so often last year... turned out that we had a whole nother year of the 3 of us doing things. I can't help but have that fear. We're so close now, man, I can almost feel her in my arms! By this time tomorrow, I won't be pregnant anymore! Can I just say how absolutely NUTS it is to know when your baby will be born?? Today will be one of the strangest days of our lives, I'm sure. the waiting... wondering.. will we even sleep tonight? I keep wondering how I'll be able to go to sleep?! Fearing that I go so sleep with a wiggly baby inside and wake up to a dead one- when we're THIS close!? AHH.. I'm sure a lot of you think this is being 'negative' and that we shouldn't feel this way.. but it is hard to assume everything will be perfect, when you know first hand that it might not be. On the other hand, I feel like I KNOW the outcome will be perfect, and tomorrow morning when they pull our 3rd little baby from the hole in my belly that she WILL scream - I just know it!! I can't wait to hear her beautiful voice and see her beautiful eyes, wide open and full of life!
Our intention is that Shaun will send an email out to everyone in my address book tomorrow morning after she's born, sending you to this site.. hopefully we'll have a picture and some basic info by 11 tomorrow!


Just Breathe said...

I think if I were you I would stay up all night. Looking forward to all the pictures. May God Bless you tomorrow and always.

Em said...

You and your family are SO in my thoughts.
Sending you lots and lots of good wishes! I'm looking forward to hearing the happy news of Delaney's safe arrival! :)


k@lakly said...

Can't wait for the good news!!!! Hope it goes by quickly for you!

Beth Skog said...

My emails come thru as text messages, so I will be glued to my cell until the text comes in!! I will be praying for you guys. I just KNOW it will all be perfect. I can't express in words how happy my heart is for you guys:)

Heather E said...

We can't wait to hear the good news of Delaney's arrival! I don't think I would be able to sleep either, stay up, spend time together and let's hope the time speeds by! We are praying fervently for you here as well as many other family members and friends from IL to GA to FL to MO to who else knows where. We love you guys!!!!

Michelle R said...

I really don't have words to express how I feel right now. Thinking of you and will RUN to the computer as soon as I get home from the village!
<3 <3