Friday, August 28, 2009

2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, it's amazing that it's so close.. I find myself feeling nauseous, nervous, excited, flat out scared! The range of emotions is crazy! Shaun started his vacation today (Friday) and was able to go to my NST at the docs office. Delaney was not having any real accelerations for the first half hour or so.. then all of a sudden had two nice long ones right in a row! YAY! I have to arrive at the hospital at 7am on Monday... I wonder if we'll be able to sleep at all on Sunday!? AHH! Shaun and I got to have a nice lunch after the appt too. Probably our last 'date' for a while! :) After picking up Gwen from Shaun's folks, we went raspberry picking - in the rain, but it was SO fun!! Then had a great visit with Jason and Jen!!! Now it's nearly midnight, I can just about change the chalkboard door to 2 days! She's really going to make us wait until Monday, isn't she?? hehe Oh well, we've got plenty to occupy us this weekend.


k@lakly said...

Hoping it all goes well, and maybe a little early too:)
You'll be fine and this baby will be perfect!!

Just Breathe said...

This is very exciting. Can't wait to meet her. Raspberry picking sounds like so much fun.

Hope's Mama said...

Oh my god, so soon!