Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So, as I walked in the house after a little shopping trip, I thought.. WOW! I just bought things for all 3 of my children!! Very cool - probably something that will never happen again.. I mean, how many things does Dresden need, right?
Gwen - shoes
Dresden - picture frame
Delaney - baby wipes and butt paste (I did a survey at the hospital and was rewarded with a ten dollar giftcard to babies r us, so I put it to good use)

and now i'm having a root beer float and it is amazing!!!!


Heather E said...

I wish that you could happily buy things for all three of your children anytime you wanted! Glad that you were able to today. Now, about that rootbeer float......yummy!

Melissa said...

That is pretty neat, Shannon!

Woohoo for a free gift card!

Inanna said...

I can't imagine an opportunity to buy something for all five of mine at once! :)

That root beer float sounds soooo good!

Lynda said...

I get so excited anytime I can purchase something for baby Johnny because, like you said, how often do we really get to buy things for our angels? Hardly ever. I always look at the little boy clothes and baby toys and wonder if people would think I was weird if I bought them just to have them.....hmmm...

Thinking of you