Saturday, August 1, 2009

poor me.. ??

I went to Kohl's today. As I was walking off the escalator with shoes for Gwen deep in my mind a woman standing at the top of the escalator looks at me, makes a sympathetic face and says "oh, you poor thing" i just smiled and thought, if you only knew what a poor thing I really am. :( and of course, it has nothing to do with being hugely pregnant in August.


Heather E said...

I have the opposite reaction to pregnant women about to "pop" - a HUGE smile and a loving look at that beautiful belly growing a precious child. August or not!

Dona Eggar said...

We have a wonderful lady in our church who is carrying twin boys for a couple who couldn't carry their own children to safe size. I love to rub her belly on both sides each Sunday morning and talk to the boys. They are getting big! Due in Oct. We love babies!

Melissa said...

Poor you? But it's not even that hot..hehe!


I agree with what Heather said. Now if temps were in the
100s..then Id probably think poor you...and me".

Did you find shoes?

Jay said...

Oh funny! People have no idea do they. Well, good for them. May they dwell in deep, peaceful ignorance! :) XXX