Monday, August 17, 2009

laundry and tears

I don't usually cry while doing laundry.. not my style. But when you're going through the clothes that were meant to be worn by your baby boy a year ago.. it's not as easy as lights and darks (not that I separate clothes anyway!) I decided a long time ago that I was not going to do any special preparations for this babe's arrival. I don't want to get too cocky, or tempt fate or whatever.. but today after doing the laundry, I felt like I had another good load in me.. and Delaney is arriving in 2 short weeks, so why not put my desire to wash clothes to good use? I pulled out the box clothes from the armoire, where they've been sitting for nearly a year, and pulled each outfit out, one by one. There were 3 special things, that really got to me.. the blue outfit I bought when I was just a month into Dresden's pregnancy, blue because I was SO certain he'd be a boy, I knew I could buy it! The 'automatic sprinkler' onesie that Heather sent, with a sweet card from Eric, excited about getting a boy cousin close to his age, and the dinosaur outfit I picked up for Gwen to give her brother because she was SOOO into dinosaurs - that was purchased probably right around this time last year.. I remember seeing all the halloween stuff already out when I got it.. so tempted to buy a cute little costume too.
So, Delaney will have clean clothes to wear (although for now, not much in the way of girl clothes.. we'll have to venture into the attic once she's home and go through the rest of Gwen's clothes) - and a clean car seat.. I washed that yesterday. We're ready to meet our sweet baby!


Heather E said...

((hugs)) it must have been hard! Something tells me you will be getting a LOT of pink things in two weeks. Yea for two weeks from right now!!!!!

Mom said...

It must have been a bittersweet moment. Lots of hugs and love. Delaney will be getting lots of girlie stuff of her own.