Monday, April 27, 2009

20 Weeks

Well, the baby is really moving up a storm now.. I don't have a routine about her movements.. well, I actually never had a routine with the other two either, I wouldn't call Gwen or Dresden major movers.. they were both pretty mellow. This one needs to be a rock star in there and as my friend Jill said.. use momma as a trampoline!! YES!! Please do sweet baby! :) I fully intend on keeping track of this baby's movements daily.. I find that if I don't write things down, they quickly leave my mind.. I want to know that every time I drink a tall glass of lemonade, lay down and 5 minutes later the baby starts doing an irish jig! I NEED that reassurance!
I had a burst of energy over the weekend, but Monday was feeling pretty whooped! As my mom said after I had some weird muscle pain after joining Gwen and Kailey in the giant indoor slide play area.. "you're pregnant, you can't just do all the same stuff and expect to feel the same" (or something along those lines) Which leads me to another point.. my memory! WOW! I can't remember crap! I think it's worse this time than the other two times.. it's like all my brain cells are vanishing.. Shaun says, remember this or that?? ummm no! I can't even remember what I was about to say.. and it always happens just as I was about to make a point! I can't stay up past 10:30 on most days... and whenever we attempt to watch a movie, even if it's really good - I fall asleep.. and I feel like i've been pregnant forever! Good night!


Michelle S. said...

well, they say that it take much more resources to build the girl's brain versus a boy's, so hence the "mommy brain". I know that I had many more brain farts with Merry then I did with Will!

Fireflyforever said...

The trouble with "preggobrain" is it never recovers - so three pregnancies in, you've had it!! (Plus, grief knackered my brain even further - just no hope at all if I get that elusive 4th pregnancy)

Heather E said...

I must agree with Fireflyforever's first line as my experience supports it too! Just ask Josh. ;-)