Thursday, April 9, 2009

7 months

I was thinking about not doing Dresden's anniversary this month.. kind of go to 6 months, then maybe 9, then 12.. but it didn't feel right, so here I am. The time is getting close to being the same for the time he spent with our family and the time he's been gone. That's hard. I try not to think about what he would be doing right now. When I watch old video's of Gwen, I feel a deep pain, that Dresden will never do any of those things... heck, even just kissing Gwen's forhead and laughing with her, playing with her bring out those feelings. We've been robbed of a whole lifetime of love and kisses, that's not something that you ever get over. I will always love, miss and need my sweet boy.. even if I have 30 more children, I'll always be missing one, and he is always close to my heart.


Heather E said...

Sending hugs to you, Shaun and Gwen!

Melissa said...

Sending you lots of love.

Jay said...

HUGE hugs to you. Today is six months for me, and I've been feeling rather raw all afternoon. We will continue though, we'll keep going and keep climbing... XXXXXX