Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More skating... this time with a bunny!

I took Gwen to a preschool skate class today. It was tons of fun! AND she continues to get better and better on wheels... really, I'm more impressed because if you saw Shaun and I on skates.. YIKES!! The easter bunny was there today, so it was a double fun time! Here are some pictures.. AND a video of Gwen skating like a 3 year old pro! haha p.s. you can pause the music at the bottom if you want to listen to the roller rink music in the video! ;) Oh and one more thing about that video.. she's dancing (loves this song from Bambi!) so that's not how she moves her arms when she skates normally. hahhaha


Melissa said...

Wow. I am also very impressed!! WTG Gwen! Looks like tons of fun.
Kieran liked skating for about 10 minutes and then wanted them off. He was flopping all over..hehe.
I can't wait to show him the video when he wakes from his nap!

Mom said...

She just flabergasts me with how good she is doing for only her second time on roller skates. She just looks sooo cute in the video and she must have had a great time.

Beth Skog said...

She is a natural ;-)

Heather E said...

Incredible! It's officail, she skates better than her Aunt Heather. :-) sad but true.