Thursday, April 9, 2009

Poor Gwennie

While visiting Shaun's parents today, we decided to take Gwen for a wagon ride. (actually it was GRANDMA who thought of it! hahaa) At some point Gwen laid on her belly and was looking at her shadow, when I felt tension while pulling.. not good.. some little girl put her hand into the wheel area and was now screaming in pain! I look at her finger, the nail looks half gone, hoping it's not broken.. I think about passing out, but of course my girl needs me, so I carry her back. I don't feel equipped to handle these kind of things, seeing your child in pain is the most horrible feeling. We were able to get some peroxide on it, then a water rinse and the only thing Gwen was concerned about through her tears was getting a bandage! The Popsicle Grandpa got her was also a help, but you know it's really painful when Gwen cries while eating a Popsicle. :( After we had her bandaged up, she just wanted to snuggle and cry, then said that she wanted to go home. I got her set up with some cartoons and called Shaun.. who sounded like he would cry on the phone! He didn't even have to be there or see her to feel so strongly - SERIOUSLY I have the best husband in the world!! He wanted me to take a picture so he knew she was alright!? haha Like I was holding out details or something! ;) So, here are a couple pictures. The patient is doing well, and doesn't seem to be in any pain. Later tonight or tomorrow, we'll take the bandage off and take a look, trim the nail and all that fun stuff that i"m sure she'll love. I'm not looking forward to it either. :( The joy of being parents.


Heather E said...

Poor Gwen! Poor You! Poor Shaun! Please keep us up to date on her progress. NO fun hearing/seeing your baby in pain.

Melissa said...

Poor baby!! It really is the worst seeing your child like that. :(

Kieran got his hand caught in the vacuum a couple months ago..similar situation. So sad.

Give her hugs from us!!!

Jay said...

Awwww poor Gwennie! Poor baby...BIG hugs to the little sweetie - I hope she feels tons better very soon! Kisses on that finger! XXXX

Aunt Tee said...

Poor Gwennie - and Poor Mommy and Daddy too. I hurts you both to when your baby hurts.