Friday, April 24, 2009

Muddy fun times!

Gwen and I are enjoying this beautiful windy day outside, working in the garden, being barefoot and loving the squishy ground! We ventured to the back to pick dandelion's and on the return Gwen did a tumble in the mud! haha it was so funny! I was kind of far away, so I had to catch up to get a picture of the aftermath! :) Shaun requested me to send it to him, but it's just easier to put it here... then back outside for us! (and to the fruit market!)

Gwen looking to see which tiny basil sprout she wants to eat first.

Got a little dirt with that basil bite!

I like the tree shadows in this pic. :)
We made it to the dandelions!
After the fall!

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k@lakly said...

Looks like a great day! Love the muddy look, it's one I wore ALOT as a young girl:)