Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

We had an egg hunt this past weekend.. it was SO fun! There was lots of mud, candy and of course eggs! We had 184 eggs (and are now missing about 25 of them... so I'm wondering if we're going to be finding eggs outside all summer?) Here are some pictures from the event! Some are mine, and some are Mirak's. :)
Patiently waiting for the festivities to begin!

Gwen finding an egg!

The muddy gang of egg hunters.

The booty! Cool Mirak shot! :)

whole yard shot with cool lens

Shaun teaching the kids how to do a proper dive into the mud!


Melissa said...

This was so much fun!

I love how crazy Shaun is..hehe.

Mom and Dad said...

We had sooo much fun and laughed sooo much. The younger kids are going to want to join the older ones next year sliding in the mud. Our son will never grow up. The children will always flock to him. What a wonderful father he is.

Michelle S said...

we stole 8! Will didn't open his goodies until Sunday :)

Heather E said...

What fun! I was going to say my favorite was Shaun running with the kids while they found the eggs but then the last photo took first place! I love that crazy brother of mine!!! Incredible water still in the air photo.