Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A week in pictures.. or a few days anyway :)

Gwen and Shaun play pirates! I was lucky enough to be attacked as well, when I stole Gwen's sword, she seemed shocked that I'd know how! She knew I was the pirate mother.. but I guess she just figured I wouldn't be able to handle a sword made from foam! Oh, notice that Gwen had to go and put on her pirate garb in order to have a proper pirate fight! haha

Gwen the gardener.. she truly loves planting things!! It's so sweet! She told me she was having so much fun planting things with me in the WILD! hahaa

ONE good thing about having a swamp in the back yard!
Notice the wetness on her knees.. hmmm
Excited because she got her knees wet in the water!

First time in the mud hole of the season!!


Melissa said...

You guys are such a fun family!! Makes me wanna go jump in puddles...not so much swamps, though hehe!

Heather E said...

It's fun that Shaun still has his work ID tag on. He was blindsided by the pirate into a swift sword fight! I also really like the close up of Gwen outside - too sweet!

Mom said...

I see that Shaun has as much fun as Gwen. It is great that her imagination has her putting on a costume to get fully into the fun. A budding gardener??? Grandma sure would love that. What fun boots for sloshing throug water and mud.