Tuesday, March 24, 2009

15 Weeks!

Why does 15 weeks SOUND like a long time.. but 26 weeks, doesn't? hmmm Is that how it is for everyone else, or just me? haha Yep, so I'm 15 weeks.. as in any normal 15 week pregnancy, nothing really big to report (2nd trimester is always boring, right??). I'm feeling a bit drained today.. I puked a few days ago to my surprise! But otherwise, I feel completely normal! I just started working out at the rec center again after 2.5 weeks off.. Myrtle Beach and me being sick the week after getting home with that crazy tonsil thing helped with that break.. so I guess that's why I might be tired too. It's hard to go slow enough to keep my heart rate in the 'safe' 140 zone.. I'm going to have to ask the doctor if going a little higher is safe? I have felt some possible movement.. but I'm still not ready to actually call it yet. I am paying close attention though, so hopefully soon I will feel this little bugger wiggling around for sure! :) I felt Gwen at 18 weeks and Dresden at 16 weeks.. soo should be soon!!


Since I was thinking about heartrates I looked it up..
in case anyone else is interested. It says that a pregnant woman's heart rate automatically increases by about 15BPM.. I knew it increased, but didn't realize it was by so much! I think my HR was 81 at the docs last week.. and when I just used my doppler to get it it was going between 73-80 so that makes sense why 140 on the elliptical doesn't feel like I should be at 140 - that's because really I'd probably only be at 125! Interesting, eh!? hmmm I don't know what i'll do with that information.. probably still keep it around 140, since I'm obviously more paranoid this time around.

Anyway, have a nice day!


Melissa said...

No...no puking!!! Knowing you feel better now is something that helps me get through MY puking...haha.

I can't even imagine working out. I cleaned the bathroom sink thoroughly today and felt like puking right after...how lame am I? :P WTG Shannon!

That is so neat about possible movement..yippee!!! I can't believe you are already 15 weeks...wow. Time sure is flying.

Very interesting about the heart rate while pregnant. I never really thought about it.

You have a nice day too! ;)

Heather E said...

Thanks for the reference to the 3D pictures. When we get our weekly update, Emma has me print it and she puts it on the wall in her room. I am looking forward to feeling that baby in your belly. What fun!!!!