Saturday, March 21, 2009


So, the top ultrasound picture..the really cool one.. is NOT even our baby!! They gave me someone elses picture!! I took the pics to show my mom and sister, and Ruthie says.. hey, why isn't that your name? I said, Oh.. they don't put my name, because it's for a study and it's confidential... I thought maybe the doctors name?? But a closer look and yep, it's someones name.. and the time the ultrasound was done was 2 hours before mine! haha I feel bad for that lady though, missing such a cool shot of her babe. Oh well.. then after really looking at it the baby looks older than ours too.. this was probably the typical 18 week ultrasound! HA! AND THAT is why our baby rooms in with us and NEVER leaves our sight while in the hospital! hahaha ;)

So, I had an OB appt yesterday. My 2nd trimester ultrasound is scheduled for april 17th.. it will take place at the same place as the study visits. The doctor also wants me to have a consultation with the maternal fetal medicine folks to go over "timing of deliver and plans for antenatal testing" It's actually kind of cool that I'm doing this study.. since the perinatal assessment center is where I'll have to go weekly at the end for non stress tests and stuff. The end.. the end makes me so excited!! CAN it just be september yet?


Heather E said...

Wow! So, I went to and looked up Tamarae Johnson (from your ultrasound pics) and there are only two in the state of MI and both live in Jackson. Maybe you can mail her the picture?

Michelle R said...

wow. that is so strange about the u/s picture. I'd be more mad than you, I think.
I'm glad that you are participating in this study too!