Tuesday, March 31, 2009

16 weeks!


and I feel very certain that I felt the baby move yesterday! I've been thinking I felt movement for a little while now, but didn't feel like I was 100% sure. I was preparing a delightful salad when I felt some bumping around on the right side. :) YAY!! Hopefully there will be lots more wiggles coming up in the next 5 months! I want this little one to move and NEVER rest!

Also, I finally put up a pregnancy ticker.. I was being kind of superstitious about it.. not sure why, but there it is now! :)


Heather E said...

Woo Hoo! I am so glad that you are feeling the baby move - let's hope it's a wiggle worm. Then only about two more weeks and you should know whether it's a boy or a girl, correct? I LOVE the ticker..just may have to use that one too.

Michelle R said...

movement, yay!

Fireflyforever said...

Hurray ... keep wriggling little bean. Let mama know you're in there.

Melissa C said...

Yay! How exciting!! (-:

Melissa said...

I bet you DID feel the baby move! Yippeee!!! That is awesome. And 16 weeks...I wonder if you'll be able to find out the gender at your next ultrasound? How exciting!!!

Jay said...

Yay for movement!

I think of you SO much! I am just about over my flu, so maybe we can try this month. Bet it's mucked everything up though. Ah, but you can try anyway, right?

You must post some belly pics :D
*HUGE hugs* XXX