Sunday, May 17, 2009


Here are some pictures from our trip to Kansas.. we're still here.. these are mainly for daddy at home and relatives! enjoy! :) (ps. Shaun - your mom has more on myspace!)
tasty lunch at a rest stop!
A hilarous gas station.. to me at least..

We're in Kansas!!! WOOO!
All dressed up.. even Eric! :)
making clown cupcakes
sleeping in grandma's bed!
making pirates and princesses
Gwen's pirate princess


Michelle R said...

looks like a great time is being had :D

k@lakly said...

Looks like so mmuch fun for everyone!! Who knew Kansas packed such a punch:)

Melissa said...

OMG...seriously..who thought up the name for that gas station?? Hilarious!!!!

It looks like Gwen had an awesome time! :)