Thursday, May 7, 2009


I saw a bumper sticker last week.. I bet the person with it on their car didn't realize that it would actually stay with someone for a week, huh? I just felt kind of inspired by it.. I've been thinking about it every day!

"Happiness is an inside job"

that's it.. and I just think it's so true, we all have control over our emotions (at least to some extent, right?)

So, a couple weeks ago we started searching for Dresden's apple tree(s) - I'm realizing now, what a toll that has been putting on my emotions! Shaun too, I think.. we've both been kind of cranky and I feel like that was part of it. I guess it's not easy shopping for your childs 'living memorial'.. there is a lot of pressure that it be perfect, and actually LIVE.. no one wants a dead tree to honor their baby! So, we finally decided on 2 trees yesterday. A honeycrisp tree, which we knew we wanted, since those were the apples we snacked on at the orchard on our last wonderful happy day of innocent life (3 days before he was born)! We wanted an apple that would be out around his birthday.. then we needed a pollinator. We don't have a favorite apple really, we love most so we were looking for a gala tree, since we knew it would pollinate with a honeycrisp - while at home depot yesterday, we found a 5 in 1 tree.. a little bit Frankenstein creepy, but it had 5 kinds of apples and looked pretty, so we got it! It would be a dream if the two trees produced enough apples so that every year on Dresden's birthday, we can make apple pie! :)


Michelle R said...

wow Shannon, what a lovely tribute! love the bumpersticker. and I agree 100%!

k@lakly said...

I love this idea. Love it. I think I might try it myself. I hope yours works:)

Dalene said...

I love the idea of the apples trees bearing fruit around the time Dresden was born. I've enjoyed watching the bulbs and perennials planted in Baker's memory emerge in our garden. And his lilac made it through the winter and is blooming purple right now.