Wednesday, May 20, 2009

and some more Kansas

Here we are at the last night of our week visiting family in Kansas! We've had a great time, which you can tell by the pictures! :) We'll be on the road again tomorrow morning and home to see Shaun (daddy) on Friday!! We're super excited about that, of course! :) Here are some more pictures from the last couple days.. enjoy!

Gwen ready for the beach
momma and Gwen in the chilly water

beach fun!

Grandma doing shirt painting with the girls
Gwen showing off her Ariel tattoos
Erin's tattoo's as well as her tear shaped swing accident scrape!
Eric has tat's too!
a little trail by the scenic overlook
The kids saying - COTTON CANDY!! (instead of the standard cheese!)
kiddos at the scenic overlook
Gwen climbing.. and Eric preparing to join.

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