Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree..

We always put our tree up the day after thanksgiving. We have a time capsule ornament that we add a new paper to every year. It's always the last ornament we put on the tree, and before hanging it we sit together and read all the memories from years past. Shaun didn't want to read it yesterday.. he wants to wait until after Christmas to read it. I did read one of the pages.. the one where I predicted that we'd have a baby boy in the fall of 08! :( Nothing is easy .. this year on our time capsule paper, we'll have to put in the 'remembering' section - our own son.. the baby boy I predicted we would have with us right now.. It will never stop sucking!
We did have a nice day though, relaxing, and in the evening we went to visit Santa's magic forest! This place is great! It's pretty cheap AND all the proceeds go to a local food bank! Gwen had a wonderful time.. we pretty much had the place to ourselves, which was nice! Gwen looked at every little elf, bear and snoman in the place. She didn't miss a detail! AND she sat on Santa's lap.. she talked to him and told him that she wanted ornaments! haha Now if we could only get her to smile on demand... she always looks so serious for pictures! Here are some photos from our day.

Dresden's ornaments

Gwen and her 2008 ornament! (she picked it!)


Melissa said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Your tree is so pretty. I want to put ours up, but I'm not sure how soon you can put real ones up..hmmm.

I love the time cabsule idea, and I'd love to steal you just use a regular ornament with strips of paper or something?

Cute Santa pic! We went to see Santa a few weeks ago, but it was as if there was an invisable circle around him and Kieran wouldn't go inside...haha. He said hi to him, but wouldn't go near. Not even with me! So no picture.

Heather E said...
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Heather E said...

Sorry I goofed on the previous one. Great pictures as always! The one of Gwen with her ornament is so sweet.

I do love Santa's Magic forest and look forward to going next year. We still have our picture with Santa on the fridge from last year. It is Eric's favorite picture right now.

I, too, like the capsule idea and will "steal" it as making fun family memories is so important. We also put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving but this was the first time and I think that it will be a new tradition. Not only do we have Josh's family here but especially with our traveling for Christmas every year we get to maximize our tree time. Thanks for sharing and we can hardly wait to see you on the 27th!