Monday, June 7, 2010

Cedar Point!!

America's ROLLER COAST!!  What a day!  We took Gwen to Cedar Point for the first time last week.  It was amazing!  I mean really.. AND I teared up while watching her ride stuff!  What a sap!!  Grandma and Aunt Dawn joined us to help take care of the kiddos, Brittany and Mike joined us so Shaun wouldn't have to stand in line alone for part of the day (and because they couldn't turn down a fun day at cedar point!!  haha)  I even got to ride some big kid rides (Sooo glad for short lines!) and after a good  7 years since our last cedar point trip (we used to be season pass holders!) Shaun and I still love a good coaster!!  YAAHOO!!  Here are some pictures from our day.

We had the girls sleep in their clothes so we'd be ready to roll at 7:30!
Delaney was surprisingly very happy that bright and early! yay!!

We got our tickets!! 
Waiting in line for our first ride of the day - the Jr. Gemini!  Gwen's favorite!!
Giving snoopy some love!
The kite eating tree!  She was so happy on this one, she kept going on it over and over!
Cute pic of Grandma and Delaney
We finally find a ride that Delaney can go on! 
and she loves it!  And yes, we're all wearing orange! haha
We love the point!
Gwen LOVEs TO spin!
One of like 3 rides that Dawn went on.. 
Brittany joins Gwen on the lolli swings
All 3 of us on the pirate ship!! Soooo fun!
Grandma and Gwennie do the ferris wheel.
Aunt Dawn and Gwen
Who doesn't love a splash pad!?
The next morning we went to the beach for a bit.. Delaney loves sand!

Grandma stands guard as Gwen plans a way to bury Delaney!

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Heather E said...

So so so so fun!!!! Glad you all had such a good time. And color coordinating is a great idea.