Thursday, January 28, 2010

some pics -January 2010

Frankenstein cake taste yummy!!!

Gwen draws our family.. "mommy, Delaney (who grew up), Gwennie and Daddy.. all standing in the snow!"
morning snuggles!
HAPPY!! (and freakin CUTE!!)
sledding with daddy!!
shes so big now.. she even carries her sled back up the hill!
Delaney started solids this month... love at first bite!!!
mmmm!! don't worry, she still eats lots of momma milk!! ;)
Gwen showing off her bo*obs!! hahaa


Beth Skog said...

I LOVE these pictures!!! I love the two of them together and the smiles!! SO sweet!!

Heather E said...

Really wonderful pictures and the one of them in bed together is precious. Solid foods now...nice diapers. :-} Thanks for sharing as we love to see all of you!!!

Jay said...

OOOOOOoooh ggGGGAAAWWWD Shannon you have a cute family! :D XXXX

Margie Ryan said...
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Margie Ryan said...

The pictures are just so precious. Delaney is growing so quickly we won't even know her when we return. Look at the smiles and what a great picture of the girls. How big Gwen is getting to be, pulling her own sled. My goodness. You must have known that we needed a grandchild fix.

Fireflyforever said...

Oh Shannon. What gorgeous girlies. It's so lovely to see piccies of both of them. Beautiful.

Michelle S said...

too cute!

Jean Jaques said...

Hello! Just bloghopping. Great blog!

Happy blogging! :)

Inanna said...

What a joy!

willson said...
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