Sunday, November 29, 2009

bits of November

Awesome uncle Shaun (aka daddy) helps the kids make a leaf fort in our backyard!
two sleeping girls
studly working men!
lego adventure!
Gwen giving her baby the very best! ;)
Gwen in leaves at the village!
happy baby!
so sweet!
Delaney's first time at the movies! We saw A Christmas Carol.
Gwen helps with bathtime.
look twin grouchy faces!! hehe

Hopefully in the not too distant future, I'll be able to post about our fun time up north and also putting up our christmas tree!!


Melissa said...

Delaney has gotten so big! I can't wait to see you guys.
Shaun is such an awesome Dad. :)
Such fun pics! Where is Lego Land and how did the movies go with Delaney? We plan on taking the whole fam on Friday for Nev's birthday!

Jay said...

Oh yay! New pics! Gosh your girls are SO beautiful! *HUGE hugs* XXX

Heather E said...

Wow! I really enjoyed all of the pictures. Shaun's leaf fort is the most incredible one I have ever seen. You got some great pictures of the girls and I love your smile in the bathtime picture. Looking forward to seeing you all in three weeks!!!!

Beth Skog said...

Love the sister pics :0)....Love them all!!!

Margie Ryan said...

We didn't know that our son could build such an awesome leaf fort. The girls are going to love it when they get older. The pictures of the girls capture what a loving older sister Gwen is and Delaney is starting to develop a personality.